Project 365 2019: Part 2

I’m back in business! Yesterday I finally took the big, overwhelming plunge and got my websites moved to a brand new hosting solution. Hello, from DigitalOcean and ServerPilot! I’m already feeling the improvement in speed an I hope you will, too.

Let’s keep reviewing my last Project 365 then, ‘eh?


March solitude brought oodles of April activities… April is almost starting to feel like the start of the busy summer season these past few years. The Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop is always the first weekend of the month and my neighborhood knitting & crocheting group made a two-day field trip out of it this year — we visited every! single! shop! So much yarn loveliness to be had…

Jason and I took in some culture at the MiA to see the annual Art in Bloom exhibit as well as the visiting Egypt exhibit. We even made a whole night out of it, having an amazing dinner at Burch afterwards.

Just two hungry people eagerly awaiting what would be a very delicious dinner at Burch.

I also joined my sister, Karyn, and niece, Hannie, for a girls’ night out to see Why Don’t We. I didn’t know their music and wow I had no idea how painful it would be to hear ~5,000 preteens scream. I had never used ear plugs at a concert before but they were definitely required for this one. Still a bit of fun, though!


In May, my local yarnies and I took a field trip out to Shepherd’s Harvest. (Never enough yarn, really.) I think this was our third year visiting together — it’s fun to carpool, look at all the possibilities, have a little lunch (lamb brat for me, I’m not sorry), make a few purchases, then head home.

For Memorial Day weekend, Jason and I made a getaway up to a private, lakeside AirBnB in Hayward, Wisconsin. It was very peaceful and a nice scenery change for a couple days; the neighbors, as well as the otter, were pretty quiet.

The weekend following was a new, hopefully annual activity: the Yay Knitting retreat here in the Twin Cities. I have a group of “pocket friends” (we all chat online) that I met when I got involved with the Yarnathon from Eat.Sleep.Knit. A bunch of them traveled here, we got a big lakeside house, and knit and relaxed all weekend. (Plans are currently in the works for the second one… yay!)


In June, Karyn and I went to see NKOTB in concert again — unfortunately no meet and greet this time, but our seats were in the second row along the outer edge of the floor seating, so when the New Kids did the usual crowd-walking routine, Joe was right there and we still got to scream like the aforementioned preteens.

My friend, Kate, her mom and I also went out to Stillwater (on a school night!) to take a Trolley Tour with Darn Knit Anyway. It was interesting to hear so much about the history of the former logging town and to get a tour of various neighborhoods. So many different kinds of architecture I’ve never noticed or seen before! It was fun being a tourist for a night (though it was a bit too engaging to actually knit on the trolley, but that’s okay!).

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