WIP Wednesday

I have started working on an outline and a plan for blogging about that time I went to Scotland, but I’m not ready to publish anything yet and I am delinquent on this “blog more” goal! So, in the meanwhile, let me tell you about my current WIPs (works in progress…s).

Ten Stitch Twist

This was the year-long knit-along project for Yarnathon 2019: it’s one of those clever temperature-tracker blankets. I’ve seen them crop up a lot lately – Knit the Sky, “Weather or Not” climate change tracker, and so on. This is actually my second; I knit my first with a gradient of yellows/oranges/reds in 2014. Anyway, I had submitted this one for Yarnathon credit after knitting from January through December 2, but when that Yarnathon closed I un-finished it and kept on knitting. Last week I finally got all caught up with the rest of December!

I’m planning to continue knitting for a few more months — to be determined, really. I want it to be a bit larger but I know I only have one more skein of blue/”Italy” (which was sadly an exclusive color and I didn’t order more before it all sold out).

It’s only ever 10 stitches wide, though, so it’s really quick to catch up!

Down The Road and Back Again Shawl

My friend, Karin, and I both picked up yarn and the pattern for this at Shepherd’s Harvest last spring after seeing a gorgeous sample in Lavender Lune’s booth. Karin recently finished her version and I’m on my way “back again” as of last week so I’m hoping to finish in the next couple of weeks.

The pattern looks complicated but it’s easy to memorize and plug away at. It doesn’t go super well with chatty knit nights, but I’ve only had a couple mistakes to “tink” back.

BFF Cowl

For the 2020 Yarnathon, the first quarter knit-along is any pattern from Tiny Owl Knits. I told myself I wasn’t going to super stress myself out about Yarnathon projects this year, but Ma’ayan brought up this pattern in my online knitting group and was looking for a partner to knit with. It looked fun so I went for it!

We both had yarn in our stashes that would match in weight and we agreed upon modifications since we were using a significantly lighter weight yarn than the pattern called for. I finished knitting a couple weeks ago but this past weekend I finally washed both cowls and set them on my blocking boards. Soon I’ll get the Seedpod cowl in the mail to Ma’ayan, she’ll do the same for me, and we’ll both finish up our new interlocking cowls!

Queen Iduna’s Knitted Scarf

Here’s something I really need to just finish… This is my first ever loom knitting project, requested as a gift for my niece Iris’s birthday in May. I had some initial struggles with the loom but once I found the right YouTube videos to help me better understand the instructions, I was on my way! The knitting finished pretty quick.

At this point I need to sew on some tassels, beads, embroider on some patches… but I am the worst at finishing projects! I need to just pick a weekend and get it done.

I have a few other projects that have been hanging out for far too long. For instance, my husband won’t let me forget about a scarf I knit for him several years ago, but the billions of ends that need to be woven in are also a hard sell for me to actually finish it — no joke, I’ve thought about re-knitting the entire thing in a way that would not mean so many dang ends to weave in.

I have a Hue Shift Afghan that’s in the same boat at the scarf, a Rækkevidde dress that didn’t necessarily fit the way I was hoping it would (so what’s the motivation to finish?), and a quilted ascot that really just needs buttons.

I lean heavily towards the knitter spectrum of Process over Product, though, so I’m probably going to keep knitting and these projects will continue to languish… though part of my intention with not stressing myself over Yarnathon accomplishments was to get some of these WIPs into the FO (finished object) catalog. That would be so nice!


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