Wine Country in my Heart

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. One of my cats is sick, Minnesota winter is hard, and all I really want to do is jump on an airplane to somewhere warm and sunny so I can comfortably (or at least happily) sit outside on a patio.

I know spring will be here soon, and I’m hopeful for adventures outside of Minnesota in the fall. But what can I do now to just get through this? The answer: I can reminisce about previous wonderful experiences.

I woke up too early again this morning, so in effort to lull myself to sleep (no offense to the movie) I put A California Christmas on my TV at low volume. I have captions turned on, though, so… I pretty much ended up reading the whole movie anyway.

Afterwards, as I relayed the synopsis of the movie for Jason, it made me remember that time I dragged him to Temecula. I had Big Wine Drinking plans and I was not disappointed.

I honestly didn’t know (and still don’t know) much about Temecula. All I could think about was some sort of romantic wine country getaway.

We were there on a Thursday night in early February and it seemed pretty quiet, really. Is there a tourist season in Temecula? I have no idea.

Jason and I ended up at The Goat & Vine for dinner. Gorgeous succulents everywhere, great typography, and a really cozy space inside! I can remember the edison bulbs and I sort of remember gorgeous woodwork… why didn’t I take more photos of the inside? I must’ve been trying to live in the moment… or maybe I was just really hungry. (Noting the documentation of a partially eaten pizza…)

After dinner we wandered around town a little more. We met some town cats and found some other little window sights to see.

I also found a nice wine flight at Crush & Brew for a sort of nightcap.

yours truly with a vertically designed flight of wine

And that’s all I’ve really got for photographic memories of Temecula! Just a few short hours of an adventure… I very, very excited for the day when it’s safe and I’m comfortable enough to do it all again.

Old cart with "Temecula or Bust" painted on the back

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