Remotely Rhinebeck

I’ve really only recently become aware of the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, affectionately referred to simply as “Rhinebeck” because that’s where it usually takes place. I would absolutely love to attend someday! Along with everything else this year, though, it has gone virtual — and I jumped at the chance to help celebrate remotely with a swag bag from Eat.Sleep.Knit.

wool-festival themed goodies

Uh, oops – spoiler alert?! But the virtual version of Rhinebeck starts tomorrow, so I’m not sorry. 😉

All of the goodies in this swag bag are so wonderful. If the fall-colored llama postcards were offered in bundles outside of the Rhinebeck theme, I would buy a bunch and send them to all of my knitty friends! Whoever did the illustation: I LOVE it.

The MUG is also incredible. It is so big and so GOOD to hold! It’ll be a perfect hand-warming companion on chilly fall mornings, filled with a hot, delicious beverage… ah, perfect complement to this time of year!

The llama-covered pencil also brought to mind some fun nostalgia. Do you remember these kinds of pencils? If just one of the lead-replacement pieces went missing, the whole thing was wrecked… hopefully, as an adult, I’m more careful about where those lead pieces go (or don’t go, I suppose).

enamel pin and knitting gauge ruler

Of course I had to also get some yarn! I made a selection from Spun Right Round – the exclusive color they dyed for ESK’s virtual celebration as well as a sweater-quantity of a yarn I think will pair well.

Because maybe I should get started on my first official Rhinebeck sweater now… for next year? The inspiration to knit sweaters is everywhere right now!

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