10 Years of Dan Navarro

Jason and I went out on Friday night for our annual visit from Dan Navarro. We had a spectacular dinner at a new-to-us place, Cafe Ena, before the show.

Dan was also playing at a new-to-us venue, The Warming House, in south Minneapolis. It is a very cozy space! Perfect for a show with Dan and his audience, who all seem to be longtime friends.

Dan Schwartz opened with a few of his own songs. He was playing a harp guitar and it created such amazing music! I think he said the one he was playing was based on a design from 1904.

It occurred to me that it was about 10 years ago when Jason introduced me to Dan at The Fine Line. It was a fateful night: before Dan played Cold Outside, Jason told me that he was dedicating it to me… and after that song I had all the feels for the guy and told him I loved him for the first time.

Since that show we’ve seen Dan perform almost every year since — usually in February or March, but there’s been one or two summer shows, as well. It was the show in 2014 at the Crooked Pint, during Cold Outside, when Dan helped Jason propose to me.

Of course we had to get a photo with Dan after that most special evening in 2014! Dan is always good for a hug after a show regardless, which is another reason these evenings are so great.

I get so many feels at these shows now! Dan and whoever is joining him onstage are always amazing to watch and there’s always a feeling of warmth flooding the room.

Dan suggested that perhaps The Warming House was such a perfect venue that he could come back and play every night for a week… and, knowing his audience and friends in the Twin Cities, I’m positive that each show would sell out!


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