Minneapolis Vintage Market

Part of my intention with blogging more is really to be able to share the gazillions of photos I take. I’ve gotten out of the habit with keeping my flickr account organized and I don’t want to shove my Instagram full of posts, especially if there’s any sort of story to go along with the photos. So: revive the blog!

Yesterday I joined a few coworkers for brunch at The Stray Dog before heading to a Minneapolis Vintage Market event at the Machine Shop in northeast Minneapolis.

Maybe I was just excited to be doing something a little different than has become my habit — shaking up the routine is a good thing! — but this is not the sort of event I’d usually find myself at in any case.

I don’t do well with digging through piles of clothes. I get overwhelmed by crowds and disorder. But I do appreciate fashion and style, so it was a fun outing.

I did get to enjoy several hand-knits that I saw. And those Louboutins?? I wish I could’ve made them mine… shoes I would buy just to admire. (I certainly don’t have the life where I’d be wearing them anywhere.)

I only bought a few small items, but I learned a new word: cloisonné.

decorative work in which enamel, glass, or gemstones are separated by strips of flattened wire placed edgeways on a metal backing.

cloisonné pendant and cat box
I bought the stickers at Wild Willow Vintage.

I found the clever cat box at Coffee with Dot Vintage first. I figured cloisonné meant some equivalent of “box.” Just a few steps away, at a shop full of estate sale items, I found a little pendant that was also labeled as cloisonné. I walked away from it initially, but I kept thinking about it… so I went back and got it!

I got a little caught up at these shelves full of camera. It’s always fun to take a look at where photography has come from — and I realize the silliness of taking a photo of the photo the Brownie might’ve made with my newfangled iPhone.

However, I just have one tiny complaint. The “vintage 90s” gear made me sad. Scrunchies? Flannels? I never need to see or wear those things again. I mean, I’m not feeling super old or anything…


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