Project 365 – the third time!

I’m shocked: I was poking around my photo archives to link to my previous Project 365, and I completely forgot that I’ve already done it twice before! I apparently took on the challenge first in 2010 and then again in 2013. I’m going to have to take a look back at both of those, but — for now — I’ll just get to the business of reviewing my most recent undertaking: 2019.

Obviously, I have a lot of photos to share for this project, so I’m won’t share them all. I’m also going to break this up into four posts (each a quarter of the year), because I’m also likely to sneak in a few non-Project 365 images as support.


In January of 2019, Jason and I celebrated a belated Christmas with extended family near Des Moines, Iowa. While we were there, we also got a chance to help celebrate Jaxon’s birthday (Harry Potter style) and wandered around the East Village of Des Moines a little bit.

Line up of Christmas gift-filled cookie jars
We celebrate Christmas by exchanging anonymously gift-filled cookie jars. I’m always amazed by how much excellence can be stuffed inside of these strange containers!

We also traveled to Taiwan in January! That was a big deal; I thought I’d never get there and I’m so happy it finally happened. We flew from Minneapolis to Vancouver (for a couple days) to Taipei (and traveled all around Taiwan with my brother, Ryan, sister-in-law, Jane, and nephew, Sagan) to San Francisco (for a couple more days) and then back home again. It was all so awesome (even though it was also exhausting — that time change was crazy!)

Jason and me at the Gastown steam clock.
We didn’t have a lot of time to tour through Vancouver, but we made the Gastown steam clock one our sight-seeing priorities.


Our time in San Francisco crossed into the first couple days of February, and on the 1st I set us up with a cruise out to Alcatraz — at dusk! (So it would be even spookier, of course.) I had done the evening tour before but Jason had never been there before. It was nice to have someone to “ghost hunt” with this time around.

For Valentine’s Day, Jason surprised me with tickets to Potted Potter. It was hilarious!


March was fairly quiet. Jason and I had our usual annual date to see Dan Navarro when he came into town to perform and later that month I went to local conference to level up my web developer skillz, MidwestPHP.

Dan Navarro at the Aster Cafe in Minneapolis, March 2019

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