Jim’s Apple Farm

Last month I traveled back to Vermillion for multiple reasons:

  1. My friend, Jen, who has been living in Washington was in Vermillion for a week before she moved out to Hawaii.
  2. I hadn’t visited Vermillion since February or March… I was about due for a visit.
  3. The city was celebrating its sesquicentennial, and there was an All School Reunion planned in conjunction with the milestone. How could I resist seeing Vermillion all made up for the occasion?

Before I got to Vermillion, though, I took a moment to play tourist at Jim’s Apple Farm in Jordan, MN.

Jim's Apple Farm

You Need One

Enjoy Minnesota Apples

I had never stopped at Jim’s. I couldn’t believe the miles upon miles of stuff inside. Someday I should make a trip down there just to take it all in properly.

Inside the Barn

Taste Test Apples

Next time I should also procure some Jalapeno Eggs.

Jalapeno Eggs?

But this time I was only on the hunt for a delicious pie!

Apple Pie Varieties



Jim has the best pies around! My wife and I drive there every year from Brooklyn Park to get our pumkins and take in the wonderful aromas that fill the place. Truly a Minnesota gem!


I love the Sara Lee pies they take out of the grocery store to bake!


I also love the Wisconson and Washington state apples they sell….wish they grew their own from Minnesota.


Sorry you seem to have been disappointed by Jim’s Apple Farm, John, but those pies are about a trillion times more awesome than any pie from Sara Lee.

Hank 123

But they are Sara Lee pies. If it was a real apple pie the fruit in the middle would be brown.


Well Amy, sorry to disappoint but I found out from a supplier they are from Sara Lee. Its sad to see its nothing more them processed FAT food.

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