About That All School Reunion…

When I finally got myself on the road towards South Dakota, it was rainy and boring. It didn’t bode well for the weekend.

Driving towards South Dakota

It actually turned out to be super hot and humid in South Dakota (though it stayed rainy in Minnesota). I was able to take advantage of Jen’s parents’ pool for a while. Jen and I spent a Friday afternoon floating around and catching up. I wish I had taken some photos—their backyard was bursting with beautiful, blooming flowers (blumen in German).

But, I didn’t. I saved all of my obnoxious photo-taking skills for that Friday night downtown—I may not have attended the official school reunion, but I still got to see the most important people.


Bridget, Lindy, and Kelsey

Mom even got to show off another very important person (Hannie).

Mom shows off Hannora to Jen

Me and Christina

Christina and Kelsey


Jon and Kirsten


Austin's Socks

Erin and Jen

Me and Jen

Jen and Jon


The only proper way to photography Suzanne is portrait-style because she is a million miles tall.

Suzanne and Guthrie

Jon and Erin


Carson and Guthrie

Gee, this is turning out to be a long—but great!—night.

weirdness on the street

Jen and Guthrie

Seth and Jose


Josh is carrying the beer

I’m sorry about the next photo. I was walking while I turned the camera around over my shoulder and took random photos of those behind me. (Obnoxious, right?) I wasn’t looking and I didn’t know. When I saw this photo I almost fell over.

Weirdest photo

Jen and Dan

still walking

Finally we settled at Libby’s house. Though I don’t know who Libby is, it was a great place to hang out.

Guthrie and Dan


Austin and me

I think my inner 15-year old will always have a crush on Guthrie.


Austin, Abby and me

Austin and Jon

Seth and Abby

And then I went home at 4 a.m. The end. (Did you expect a more exciting end to the evening?)

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