Sesquicentennial Parade

A parade to celebrate Vermillion’s 150th birthday was scheduled the morning after the informal class reunion. I probably should’ve slept through the parade, but I had been so excited about going all week that I forced myself to suffer through. It was so hot, though. I spent the rest of the day laying around and feeling ill.

Marching Band

Marching Band

Appropriate for September 11th, don’t ya think?

Also, I think my late-late-late night/lack of sleep caused the slow shutter speed. These photos are oddly blurry, but it’s sort of a neat effect… But only sort of.

Rhythm Riders


Cowboys and Cowgirls

That one green building in the background is my dad’s latest renovation project, the recently opened Silk Road.

Awkward History Lesson

There were a few floats depicting historical scenes. They were more awkward than awesome, but the intent was nice.

John Deere


Awkward Banking Transaction

Service member with candy

I love how everyone in this parade was all about throwing insane amounts of candy out to the crowds. In Minneapolis, no one throws candy. They hand it out very politely. But only one piece per person. TOO SAFE.

My favorite parade candy is Frooties. They’re like tootsie rolls but not chocolate… they’re fruit-flavored!

Jerry Schaeffer and Mike Rath

Willson Florist

It says “Flowering Vermillion for 50 Years” not de-flowering… Just making sure.

St. Agnes Kids

Ribs, Rods & Rock'N Roll

This parade didn’t have enough antique cars.

Tiny Hotrod

Tiny Racecar

Not enough miniature cars, either.

Longest Married Couples

This is one of Vermillion’s longest married couples (70 years). Vermillion’s longest lifetime resident was also forced to ride in a convertible car in the heat. I believe her plaque said she was 92.

150 float

Corn Palace Hillbillies

Corn Palace Hillbillies

It’s seemed like the Corn Palace Hillbillies might not be able to finish the parade because their car was smoking so much. *cough, cough*

Lions Clun Pancake Breakfast

Class of 1961, Stretch Taxi

U-View Drive-In

Does Vermillion have a drive-in movie theatre? And since when?

The Fabulous 70s

Oh, maybe it’s just a joke. That darn ’70s float.

Don't Crowd the Plow

Charlie Coyote


Jones' Food Center


Camp Glad Tidings

More Cowgirls

I’ve run out of words.

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