Attention, New Moms!

Children are given an espresso and free puppy

Karyn brought me to a recent Just Between Friends pre-sale sale in Eden Prairie. It was a mad house that was only open to soon-to-be or recently-new moms and dads, opening to the general public in the next day or two. I’m sure that all items were from consignment, and there was so much to choose from! We were shopping for Hannie, obviously, and had to have several rounds of “to buy or not to buy.”

Girls' clothes

Karyn goes nuts

Overall, I think Karyn got a good haul for my little niece. I even got Hannie a giant beanie baby monkey for $3 (and named it Bryan Two).

A sweater to knit

I figure I don’t need to buy sweaters like this because I could just as easily make them. In theory.


The digging part of the experience was okay. The waiting in line for the 3 cashiers was somewhat trying.

Toys and clothes

Aside from the check out situation, it was very well organized and easy to find things that were of good quality. If you go, definitely bring a partner in crime to take turns with bathroom breaks, waiting in line, and holding the bag(s) of goodies to buy.



Maybe I should have a sale like that! I feel like I have enough CRAP to have one. lol

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