iPhone at the wedding

have i mentioned that my friends, bertine and zach, got married recently?

IMG_0070 IMG_0161 IMG_0086

jason and i were taking photos with my iphone all night, because the novelty hadn’t quite worn off yet (i had only had it for three days then). trying out the disposable hipstamatic and vintage camera apps, and being impressed by the quality of the default camera app in general.

IMG_0162 IMG_0081 IMG_0080 IMG_0096

maybe i should have tried the flash, too? oh, well.

IMG_0097 IMG_0098 IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0126 IMG_0130 IMG_0132 IMG_0135 IMG_0140 IMG_0146 IMG_0153

found this cute dress for a very decent price at primp in the shops at west end in st. louis park. have owned the shoes since forever (from delia*s — and it’s been quite some time since it’s been okay for me to buy from delia*s). i felt vintage-cute all night. can’t wait to see the photos that melissa took while we were dancing!

IMG_0159 IMG_0184 IMG_0185


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