i was an embroidery fool over the weekend, but i finished that bit of my current project last night. i am making pillow covers for the sofa in our living room. it seems like a simple project, but we need new pillow covers and i thought this would be a good, small project to test out my sewing machine — which i’m planning to use for the first time tonight!


in somewhat related news, i joined in on the pinterest fun, though i haven’t yet added a lot to my craft room idea board.

IMG_9479 IMG_0327

this is my crafting room currently. very unsatisfying. i have my eye on a certain table and an expedit shelf from ikea — both in white. i also want to paint the walls white. this is a basement room with a north-facing window, so it needs as much help finding light as it can get. i think having white walls and white furniture will help everything look clean while helping my beautiful yarns, fabrics, and other miscellaneous decor really stand out.

speaking of, i have a really lovely little fabric collection for my first quilt (or two)!


these arrived in the mail very quickly from sew modern. i read about the shop on film in the fridge last wednesday, placed an order that evening, and the package arrived on saturday. such delicious fabrics!


i got these from jo-ann fabrics on saturday. my friend, bertine, informed me about their iphone app that has coupons — so i got 40% off that cut of navy fabric!

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