One more post to complete my holidays

where jason’s family near des moines lives is about a four hour roadtrip, mostly straight down i-35. we got on the road in the early afternoon last friday, stopped for an unhealthy, fast dinner, and were hanging out with the family by 7:30. i decided to start re-knitting the ravelclaw scarf that i ripped apart last year, so i worked on that most of the evening while jason was busy catching up on video games and remote controlled cars and trains. it was a leisurely, quiet night, which was nice.

IMG_9232 IMG_9234

the next morning is when the christmas fun began. the boys were pretty excited for their gifts, so after lunch they got to work on sorting out all of the gifts from under the tree.

IMG_9239 IMG_9241

where’s my harry potter lego game?! (oh, right, it’s waiting for me to load it into my wii at home… i am not so good at finishing video games.)


of course, that’s not really a ps3.

IMG_9246 IMG_9249

it’s just a bunch of air pockets… and brown sugar…


and a few gift cards, too.

IMG_9254 IMG_9260

it looks pretty…


but it’s just toilet paper. (this family has a lot of fun messing with each other.)

IMG_9264 IMG_9267 IMG_9268

jason is goofy and cute.

IMG_9272 IMG_9276 IMG_9280 IMG_9281 IMG_9286

nicholas was so excited about his new mario kart jammmies, that he ran off and put them on right away. (you’ll notice them in photos to come.)


alex got a kindle, which involved a drive into town to find a wi-fi hotspot (dairy queen) to get set up.

IMG_9292 IMG_9295

i wrapped missy’s gift with a lot of tinsel and tissue paper. a lot.

IMG_9299 IMG_9304

renee found some neat earrings for me — made from the glass of a wine bottle!


nikki has been studying acupuncture lately, to accompany her mad chiropractic skillz. (she fixed me a bit before we left for home the next day.)

IMG_9317 IMG_9318

already putting the toilet paper gift to good use!


i think i meant to be taking a photo of renee, but this capture is pretty hilarious. i was giggling as i sorted through these photos.

IMG_9336 IMG_9337

i thought the bow fell off of my head right away, actually.

IMG_9339 IMG_9346

jason and i got logan a beer-making kit. logan loved it, but it made missy cry.


jaxon has a tinsel butt.


wine charms made from scrabble tiles — enough to spell out “laughter” (which would be an excellent play).


i wrapped nikki’s gift with a simple paper bag. which she was afraid to open.


but the inside was full of chocolate and minnesota wine.

IMG_9370 IMG_9371

this is a photo of jason and me opening a gift together.

IMG_9373 IMG_9375 IMG_9383

yarn! hand-spun and hand-dyed, renee found it from a local business in des moines.

Crafty Christmas IMG_9388

nicholas loves being in front of the camera.

IMG_9390 IMG_9394 IMG_9395

and, of course, this was the first christmas without uncle fred. renee had some of his clothing sewn to make clothing for “papa” bears, which each of the boys received. (jaxon was not into having a photo taken, unfortunately.)


i think that’s a pretty sweet idea.

IMG_9407 IMG_9413

after opening all of our gifts and cleaning up, we celebrated jaxon’s second birthday. that kids sure likes applause!

IMG_9415 IMG_9420

and his laughter was infectious. 🙂


but then it was time to try the cake!


the detail of this capture is awesome. (photo credit goes to jason.)

IMG_9436 IMG_9437

yes, it was a very good birthday cake.


after jaxon opened his gifts, we had some fun with balloons and static.

IMG_9452 IMG_9453

some of us unwillingly (at first).

IMG_9455 IMG_0279 IMG_9460 IMG_0281 IMG_0282 IMG_0284

we rounded out the night with a game of apples to apples. always fun!

the next morning we took it pretty easy. renee always arranges a yankee christmas gift game, and i went home with a tray to make a wine cork trivet. some of us (me) were still in our jammies, though, so the camera didn’t make it out for that fun.

then it was back home to minneapolis, and now? christmas is really over. 🙁

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