Yesterday was just packed full of crazy times!

I woke up around 7am so that I could catch an 8:30am bus into uptown. I mentioned previously that Karyn and Bryan bought me a cooking class at the Kitchen Window as a gift for my birthday last month. It was “A Tour Through Kristkindlmarkt” — we made many German cookies and I drank a couple dainty mugs of Gluehwein. The instructor had brought her German mother and a friend of the family’s, Heike. I practiced my German with her a little bit while we made Schokoladelebkuchen. And I took pictures of complete strangers!

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Afterwards I walked over to Karyn and Bryan’s apartment (since they only live about a block from Calhoun Square). I ate some lunch, stole Karyn’s car to do some shopping at Target, then we were on our way to pick up Kristi and head to a holiday party at my aunt Laurie’s house. It began very delightfully as I discovered that my cousin Jamie had created Rapt Pickles (or pickle logs or pickle dogs or pickle wraps or whatever you want to call them, I prefer rapt, but not wrapped).

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There was an amazing amount of food and plenty of wine and loads of gifts. We played a game to exchange and steal all of the gifts. I went home with a candle and that’s okay. There was a gift in a Marshall Field’s bag that I had been eyeing since before the game, but it’s popularity really skyrocketed and it was stolen from me at least four times (but I found out later that it was a teal cow cookie jar and I just don’t think that would mesh with my feng shui). After that I had a meager pile.

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We left around 9pm and Karyn dropped Kristi and me off at our house. We took a few moments to regroup, then headed over to Kristi’s coworker Johnny’s house for a very different holiday party. Johnny was spinning records all night and there was a little bit of madness with the mistletoe and a puppy named Bandit, but overall it was a fun time. Loads of dancing! I love to dance. In fact, I was so busy dancing that I handed my camera over to another photographer, who caught me being sassy.

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Ok, so that’s not a very good picture of me, but does sass ever show up well on film? Maybe it does. Not when wine is involved.

Kristi and I left around midnight to meet some other party-goers at Drink in Uptown. Kristi and I wandered around a very crowded Drink and decided that it was no good. However, since we were already paying for parking, we deserved a drink somewhere. We went around the corner to William’s, where Kristi got bumped around.

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Then we were done and we went home. Today is very quiet. I’ve already listened to two movies. In a couple hours, Karyn is serving dinner. So that’ll be a good excuse to change out of my pajamas and leave the house.


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