I want to extend my sympathies to the families of the soldiers from Yankton*, South Dakota’s National Guard unit (my brother’s former unit). What a tragedy; my thoughts are with you during this season.

It feels wrong adding my regular update after that note, but it also feels wrong overshadowing it with a separate longer post. What is a girl to do? Onward, I suppose…

I’ve been exceptionally busy at work this week, hence I haven’t uploaded photos from Sunday until just an hour ago. I went to see the Minnesota Rollergirls with Jen, Kristi and Jared. We were rooting for the Dagger Dolls and the Garda Belts all night. I don’t remember the final scores, but our teams won!

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After that we went to visit Jon at the Radisson. He made us some chocolate cake.

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Then we went to Stub & Herb’s for last call and video bowling.

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Right now I’m pretty exhausted. I don’t have any plans until Saturday. Karyn and Bryan bought me a class at the Kitchen Window for the morning and in the afternoon, my aunt, Laurie, is having a holiday party. Until then I’m lying low and taking it easy.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas break. And New Year’s Eve (I think the Bell Museum is having local musicians play original scores for silent films — they did this last year, too). And getting to kitty-sit Harley and Dot during January. That will be nice a time.

* Broken link removed 2011-11-22.

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