Fairly uneventful

It has been an exceptionally quiet weekend if you don’t include the hour and a half I spent with Jen at Stub & Herb’s on Friday night/Saturday morning. Even that was relatively quiet, however.

The only thing I can think of worth leaving the house for is shopping. I don’t have anything to shop for besides Christmas gifts, however, so I could certainly go out and look around but I’ll just be frustrated by the lack of things I want/need.

So I’ve been doing a lot of dishes and laundry and staring at Kristi. Last night Dirty Dancing was on TV and that was mildly amusing. We took a walk to the Broadway EZ-Stop so I could get a Sprite (I wanted one all day long, weird desires).

And that’s about it. Today I need to write a paper about Walk the Line for my class. Tonight, however, Jen and I are going to see the Minnesota Rollergirls. I hope there is more fighting this time.


Sung Sook

I think there’s definitely more fighting with the inner-league bouts. LAST NIGHT ROCKED!


The bouts last night definitely indeed were awesome! Cheering for fighting is the most fun!

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