TV is awesome

Last night I got home and had cable television. Yes, I’m a sucker for good reception. Time Warner Cable even talked me into some sort of deal, so for 6 months (or until I feel bad about the bill) I can flip between HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Network and E!

Jen and I went to Target for the coaxial cable, stopped at Noodles & Co. for some dinner to go, then sat down and stared for several hours. It was awesome. We learned about beets and we learned about the top 25 sexiest bad girls. We watched a home improvement show spend $17,000 on a bathroom remodel and we watched Rachel Ray spend less than $40 on food in one day somewhere in southern USA. We also survived the first six minutes of Totally Scrabble Tuesday before I got irritated and wanted more E! We spent an hour watching Law &m; Order SVU, too.

I haven’t had cable in my home since I lived with my parents about 6 years ago. Hm… wow, has it really only been 6 years?

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