New hobbies

This warm weather is causing mixed emotions and cookie desires (but I just got one from Bordertown so hopefully I’m satisfied). I’d like to be at home, but I know I would just be bored there. I’m too in-my-head lately. I need new distractions.

Last week I picked up a magazine about beading and unsuccessfully attempted peyote stitch (which I’ve re-done three times with further un-success so therefore I will wear my new bracelet as a show of a good try).

Trying to get decent television reception is also a new hobby as my favorite channel, NBC, just does not work. It’ll be okay for about 5 minutes and then satellites will shift or something, so I have to get up and shift. How much does basic cable cost around here? I might have to invest just to prevent complete frustration while trying to watch Medium or Law & Order or anything on Thursday nights.

I still have several photos to hang and bookshelves to organize and bills to pay, but I’m tired of looking at or thinking about the mess I’ve got going on. Also, I slept really well last night and I can only assume that being back at work is probably good for me. At least while I’m here I think about how much I don’t want to process invoices instead of why no one calls me. Well, sometimes I think about that here, too. It’s true.

Yesterday I needed a serious grocery fix so I’d have lunches to bring to work. I was going to bus to Kowalski’s, but decided that I really needed to hit my bank, too. Since the TCF branch in Dinkytown closed (to add to my professional bus-rider woes), the most accessible branch I can reach now is in Uptown. So I went all the way to Lund’s in Uptown for groceries. Getting there seemed to take forever, but the ride back was fairly quick. So riding the bus can be another distracting hobby, I suppose.

On weekends, I hope to visit the Minneapolis/Lyndale Avenue farmers’ market at least once. I think it’s open now… Maybe this weekend I can test that walk.

Anyway. Getting work done should be my hobby for the next few hours.

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