Things and Places

I’m almost finished with my second cup of tea this morning and my eyes are getting fuzzy and having a hard time focusing. This is me on drugs.

Also I am feeling frustration about not being about to figure out a theme for my final project in digital photo (proposal due today—I’m handing in a stream-of-conciousness explanation about my inability to decide). Photos just happen lately. I haven’t planned photos for quite some time. All I know is that there better be some inspiration in Vermillion over this coming Thanksgiving weekend because I’ve narrowed down my focus to this place I call home.

Also I hope Chae’s will be serving lunch on Friday or Saturday because I am thinking about Lo Mein this morning. It sounds so tasty! Just like it hard to wait to adopt a kitty until after traveling season has passed, it is also hard to wait for the taste of Chae’s after realizing that it could be available in just a few short days.

This weekend I started building a website for my dad’s siding and remodeling business but I’m not sure if it will actually exist online one day or stay in my computer for only my eyes to enjoy/obsess about.

Other things I did this weekend:

  • Midnight Wondrous Punches at Red Dragon with Rebecca. We talked about boys and horses.
  • The largest Gingerbread House at the Mall of America? Does not look like it would taste good.
  • Jon and I remembered how to cast-on, knit and K2TOG together. I have really been neglecting these skillz.
  • Kristi and I pretended we were fancy as we ate dinner at the Napa Valley Grille at the Mall of America. The upscale restaurants at M.O.A. are just a little bit ridiculous.

Enough blathering: I need to eat food before my head explodes with crazy. No more tea for me!

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