Long Weekend

Tomorrow at noon I am leaving for a long weekend in sunny* Vermillion, South Dakota. My friend and coworker, Mary, is providing the ride. We always stop at Erbert’s & Gerbert’s for lunch on our way out of town. Amazingly we also always find five hours worth of gossip to share. Even though we spend a good chunk of every work day gossiping, too. Mary is lovely to talk to.

On Thursday I will spend the afternoon in Sioux Falls. Dinner will be yummy and the weiner dogs will be hysterical but too many people know how to play pinochle so I don’t get to play anymore. I will either bring along my computer and watch DVDs of Project Runway that are arriving from Netflix tomorrow or I will fall asleep under a pile of blankets on my aunt’s couch.

The other days will be spent doing nerdy things, like working on websites or frustrating myself about what to include in my portfolio. Also I guess I am supposed to be cleaning my parents’ house in preparation for my brother’s Big Party in December (he is graduating with his master’s degree, which beats my sister, who will hopefully receive her MBA in the Spring and maybe I’ll have mine in about 3 years). I hope I don’t have to dust.

But, anyway. I am really looking forward to the next few days.

* It might be cloudy, too.

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