Salil Ockenga

@ home

He belongs to my Dad’s cousin, Mike (and Mike’s wife, Prayati). His first birthday is in less than a week!

This kid is sneaky.

After the Thanksgiving dinner had ended and everyone was busy playing games, Prayati brought Salil over to watch a rousing game of pinochle. I have two silver earrings on the top of right ear that sometimes stick out through my hair. He caught sight of them and began reaching… until I turned my head and he pretended that he wasn’t doing anything. This went on a few more times and each time that I turned my head he pulled away and acted nonchalant about the whole thing. Quite amusing (and he never did get to grab and yank on my earrings, thankfully).

I have many more photos of both Salil and my cousin’s weiner dogs, Smokey and Tito. This would be the day I would upload them, but I forgot to get them off of my camera and now my camera is at home. So… more Thanksgiving photos will come later this week.

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