The Fun-gus Among Us

Last Friday, Kristi called me after she got done with work and insisted (not really) that Ellie and I join her and her co-workers at Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis. Since not too many exciting things were happening at home (actually nothing at all), we went! And I irritated all of her coworkers with my incessant photo-taking. “I’m a photographer, guys! It’s okay!”

Look at how much fun Kristi is having! I was having fun pretending to be outgoing.

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Also, I have recently discovered a strange, yellow, mushroom-y fungus growing in one of my African Violets. I haven’t thrown it away yet because I’m too lazy and I find it intriguing. Am I killing myself (and my roommates) slowly by keeping it around? We’ve had the windows open for the last few days, so it’s okay, right? We’re not breathing too many poisons, are we?

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I think I have more photos on my computer at home, but I might just be forgetful that I’ve already posted them. In any case, it should be an excellent weekend for photographing. On Saturday I’m headed to a cousin’s baby shower and on Sunday, Kristi and I are hitting the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Maybe I’ll post them before the photos are a week old next time!



You should go to the Plant Pathology Library. They have lots of books on plant fungi.

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