Thanks for all the fish

I am so enjoying my anti-social weekend! Last night I got home around 5pm and decided that getting out of the house was so not worth it. I finally got around to cleaning the fridge (washing the shelves inside and all that) and cleaning up the laundry room. I still had time left to sit around and let my brain mushify! It was nice. I went to bed early-ish and slept in late-ish this morning.

After getting together a list of accomplishments to be accomplished in order to not have to leave the house again all day, I rode my bike over to Crafty Planet to return some merchandise. There are so many up-hills between my house and Crafty Planet. I was almost dead when I got there. Oops! But then it was a clear downhill shot to Target and Rainbow for some necessities and some desirables. I got home and made myself a beautiful salad for lunch (one of the desirables). Then I finally got to work uploading photos! Oy, my computer needs something… like a kick in the motherboard, maybe. It froze twice before I finally got the massive amount of photos from the last week uploaded.

SO! I began this session by taking some photos of a pair of lamps I put together for a coworker who is having her first baby soon. The lamps are from IKEA and the constructed shades are made out of The Wild Thornberrys.

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Then the Watergate Party happened, and it was buckets of fun. I was on photo duty, which is why I have such a ridiculous amount of photos. The woman in this photo received the prize for having the best costume.

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I took a quick break to photograph some of my fish babies, because I have recently been told I am lacking in fish pictures. So here are two of my Eltons. The big one (behind) is the mother who I believe keeps spitting out the new babies. She is the reason I had to upgrade to a larger aquarium.

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Actually, I was sent a picture of a Bullhead just so I could have a fish photo on the site, so I will share it with everyone.

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Ahem. Anyway, then there were birthday festivities for my sister, Karyn, and Barry. We started by playing too much Nintendo at the Chatterbox Pub and wound up at Legend’s for karaoke. We closed the bar! I was so stinkin’ tired the next day, but I guess I was in better shape than others. In this photo the birthday gal is rollin’ a Yahtzee! Maybe.

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Oh! And since this isn’t long enough yet, I discovered a different colored Morning Glory growing on my from-seed vines. It’s pretty!

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That’s it. I need to go spend more time dancing around my empty house now.


Inquiring minds want to know!

Hey who took the picture of that funny looking guy with the horns coming out of his head featured in this picture? It has good gestalt!

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