I’m getting very sleepy

So my excuse for not updating enough is having a social life that is starting to drain me and turn me zombie-esque during the days. I really need to get more sleep. Or if I could just hang out at home with these people. Why do we always gotta be running around, peeps?

Anyway. I have gobs of pictures, too. Of course I’m waaaaaaay to lazy to even get them off of my camera and onto the website. There are so many. I fear the time commitment and the brain power it might take to complete this task.

Maybe I just have the stupids lately. I can’t tell. I can’t think straight. My fingers are typing, but my brain is upside down.

I would really like to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again. I am having a craving, but I don’t know why. I’ve only seen it once. Someone please rent it and bring it to my house and don’t mind me when I fall asleep halfway through. Thank you.

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