Minnesota State of Mind

Where, oh, where have I been?

It is officially August and I am officially seriously lacking in motivation. Also, I seem to acquired a cold or something. With that and all the Minnesota humidity, my brain has turned to mush. But, no matter! I shall persevere… Or at least finally take some time to post pictures.

Well, first of all, Lynn came to visit way back in June and I have finally uploaded my photos. There actually aren’t that many from her visit, but I did get some interesting photos from the 2005 Pride festivities, too.

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Mid-July, Kristi and I went to visit our gal, Rebecca, at Como Zoo for some wholesome face painting action! Why we picked such a hot, face-melty day to go, I’ll never know.

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Then, about a week and a half ago, my family came to visit my sister and I in the cities during Aquatennial festivities. We actually missed the Carribean Fest and went to the Science Museum instead, but we did catch the fireworks one evening. Lumped together (due to laziness) are many photos of flowers, the cats I get to pretend are mine sometimes, and “artsy” photos I took during my latest outing to the Turf Club to see Mike Gunther play.

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What else has been going on? Hmm… Today (and for the rest of the week) I get to enjoy two different training courses for Excel and FilemakerPro. I’m so nerdy that I’m actually kind of excited to see what sorts of new tips I’ll pick up for these programs. I use them for a lot of my work and I think I’ll be using them a lot more in the future.

Jen moved out of the South Dakota house, so it is just me and Kristi until September or October. Hopefully we can fill the spare room with someone just as fun and lovely as Jen, but we aren’t in a big rush yet. I’m rather starting to enjoy my boring afternoons from 5–8:30ish while Kristi is still at work, but I ought to start working on my editing course instead of sleeping. Once I’m healthy, this is what I’ll do. Perhaps.

I don’t have much happening these days… No vacations planned, though I may have some visitors soon. My family is having a reunion in Owatonna at the end of the month… August will be a very quiet month, and that’s okay. Because starting in September, I’ll be taking two evening classes and an additional distance course (which is another reason to finish up my editing course quickly) on top of my 40 hour work-week. Yikes.



She certainly is! I talked with her and Areca Treon after the show. It’s quite a high school reunion. 😉

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