Sullyfest 2009

Last weekend my mom’s side of the family got together for the fourth annual Sullivan reunion in Alvord, Iowa. It seems there are fewer farm kitties and less card playing with each year that passes, but we still manage to have a very good time.

Hannie, Mom and Grandma

It was Hannie’s first road trip! She slept most of the way, and then got antsy towards the end. I totally understand.

Comparing Sullivan pinkies

My mom swears that Hannie’s pinky is crooked, like the rest of the Sullivans’. So we all looked at each other’s pinkies.



Dad and Bryan

Michael had collected many dead tree branches from around the farm, and Dad and Bryan cut them up for the fire.

Hannie and her Great-Grandma P.I.

Hannie and her grandma

Sullivans at the Cemetery

Mom and I drove the golf cart to visit some other relatives. Peace, homies.

Moody Cemetery Photo

Ann and Hannie

Jenny and Jeremy

Jenny and Jeremy found the scientific way to health, beauty and relaxation hidden in the old house. (Only part of the box, and that’s a-okay.)

Old House's Bathroom

My mom and her family lived in this house when she was in high school. She tells me that she came home from school one day and Grandma and Grandpa had moved into the other house (the house they currently live in), so I guess they got all new everything because they certainly left a lot of stuff in the old house. Slowly Grandpa is dismantling the old house, but there are still many moldy treasures to discover.

Jeremy, Michael and Jenny

Fashion Immortalized

Cat with Pie

Seriously. Some of this stuff would be so awesome if it wasn’t all disgusting.


floor of the old house

Kim, Diego and Jamie

Jamie groomed a couple Shih Tzus, Diego and Puddy.

Karyn and two-week old kitty

Bryan and Hannie

Grampa, Hannie and Bryan


Kim was attacked by the snipe! Karyn has a better photo.



Did I mention that I brought hula hoops? Oh, yeah.

Jenny and Michael face off

Jenny was the reigning champ.

Grandpa gave shoulder rubs

Raina and Piper


Piper and the snipe

TOO MANY PHOTOS! Okay, just a few more.


We were joined by neighbors and extended family for awesome food from Dad and fireworks Saturday afternoon/night.

Grandma Dee and Jamie

Sarah and Dave

I’ll link here to the photos of Sullivan generations that I took for Karyn: ladiesladies with Grandpamixedand re-mixed


This one is cute because Grandma and Hannie are smilin’ at each other.

Heidi, Karyn, and Raina, Hannie and Piper


Around the fire

I also brought glow sticks, which were way more awesome than sparklers.

Around the fire

Around the fire

Bryan picked out some really awesome fireworks this year, but I only took one photo.

There are many more photos on Flickr, of course.

Next year is #5! Jamie and I are planning to bring commemorative t-shirts.

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