I Love Floats

Last Tuesday, the 23rd, I joined all of my neighbors from Northeast Minneapolis (and surrounding suburbs) on Central Avenue to watch the annual Celebrate Northeast Parade.

Bananas for the Co-op

Turnip to shop

Orange you going to shop...?

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

MPLS Aquatennial


It’s the little things.

Horses are supposed to be at the end of the parade

Brooklyn Park

Shucks! We missed Tater Daze in Brooklyn Park! Maybe next year…

Tater Daze

Miss Hotdish is a royalty title that all Minnesotans could envy, don’tcha know?

Miss Hotdish

Flame Burger Train

Rugby and Hard Cider

What do rugby and hard cider have in common?

Blue Heron Days


We saw 4 different groups of Shriners. These were not the cool ones.



Nerdy and uncomfortable-looking…


… but talented!

Friendly Fridley

Fairyland Art Car

African Art Car

Dragonfly Bicycle

I’ve seen this guy’s friends before…

St Louis Park

Xcel Energy

Cardinal in a Car

CARdinal… Get it?


I’m still giggling at my previous caption, just so you know.

SS Northeast

Celebrate Northeast

I think know I need a Northeast Minneapolis flag.

Kids in a Band

These were some pretty cool kids. But the coolest is that kid with the pseudo eye patch—one of the lenses is missing from his sunglasses.




Instead of the parade ending with horses, it ended with clowns. Weird.


This gnome’s for Karyn.

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