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The assignment I’ve been working on now is a campaign based on the idea created for my persuasive poster (try yoga!). My strongest idea focuses on the activity of yoga. By putting feet and hand prints on the mat with a label of whichever pose those prints correspond with, those that purchase the mat already have an idea about how to do a specific pose. The idea is similar to dance mats that show the user how and where to move his or her (or their) feet.

For the project to be successful, I’ll need to follow this idea through to actual production and use. I might be able to screenprint the feet/hand prints on a solid-colored yoga mat, but getting a photo of it in a yoga studio or being used might be a little more difficult. I will also need to design a tag with information about how yoga will help the user—maybe some specific information about the pose—and some sort of graphic that would hang above/around the display of mats.



AH! I really like the twister idea. One thought I had was to use towels instead..? (I don’t know why, but that was the first thing I thought when I saw the images. Maybe for yoga on the beach? OH!! You could have a different mat material for different locations and dual uses! Towel for beach yoga; Small rug for tight office space; Regular mats for yoga regulars…You get it, ask me if you don’t.) Also, you were looking for a place to put information: If you use a yoga mat, people roll up the mats so information could be printed on the area visible when the map is rolled up? or on the carrying straps? For getting the images onto a mat, maybe using a spray paint stencil or something of that sort would be viable…


Thanks for the ideas, Tessa – I actually saw yoga towels as I was doing “research,” so this is a totally do-able idea (I didn’t know that yoga towels existed).

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