Series Campaign Ideas

The idea that is inspiring my work in the series assignment is putting feet/hand prints on yoga mats for specific poses. Each mat could be color coordinated for various poses. The tag for each color/pose would define how the pose is helpful for health and serenity (try the “Cat Pose” or Marjaryasana which provides a gentle massage to the spine and belly organs in order to relieve stress).

To the right is a really rough sample of what the mat would look like rolled out. Other graphics I need to develop for the assignment are signs that would displayed on an end-cap in a retail store, the tag that would be attached to each mat (with UPC code?) and perhaps other wrap-around labels for the package mat (presale).


Angela Tank

Looks like a good start – do you have any electronic roughs that you could post or share? I am interested in seeing the text/image combination from your mats carry through to your tags and the overall identity of your display. Also, thinking back to your poster and showing the figure shape in different positions (or in a general position for your identity or logo) may provide some design possibilities.

Angela Tank

Also, definitely include typical hang-tag pieces like a UPC code and other technical information.

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