San Francisco: Day One

I got into San Francisco at about 11:30 a.m. today. After picking up my checked bag and winding my way through the maze that is San Francisco International Airport to the BART, I found my hotel, the King George, near Union Square pretty quickly. I checked in, dropped off what I didn’t need and set out to find food.

Japantown's Peace Pagoda

I picked up a 7-day municipal transit passport, but I wasn’t quite sure how to use it (I asked the hotel concierge tonight), so I decided to walk to Japantown (about a mile from my hotel — up and down hills, too). I was starving and exhausted, so I didn’t spend much time browsing the random little shops (mostly bookstores and candy stores). I wanted to find something cheap to eat, but couldn’t stand waiting in the long lines for all of the tiny restaurants. Eventually I found Tanpopo, which was nearly empty when I arrived (it filled in pretty quickly). I tried the broiled mackerel lunch special and watched a Japanese pop music TV show.

Afterwards, I walked back to my hotel (with a stop to watch people at Union Square) and promptly took a nap. The photo below is me trying to relax with an Anchor Steam Beer in my hotel room. (My room is tiny. I feel like it’s a guest room in someone’s house.) Later I went down to the hotel bar and got a glass of wine, too. I met another woman who is in town for Adobe MAX, though we didn’t exchange our names or anything. I’m hoping I’ll meet more people tomorrow and Monday when this hotel really fills up with conference attendees.

Anchor Steam Beer in hotel

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully wake up early and head out to the ferry building. Then I’ll follow the Embarcadero around the northwest coast and eventually get to the Aquarium of the Bay. Tomorrow afternoon I plan to check-in at the conference and perhaps attend an early reception.

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