Hello, 27

burfday in taiwan

It’s still a couple hours away for me, but it’s very nearly my birthday. I’ll officially be in my late twenties. (How did this happen??)

I’ve actually been celebrating for a couple weeks already (which is usually how I roll ’round birthday time — it’s more like I’m celebrating my birth month or entire birth season). I’ve gathered freebies from several email lists ($15 at Old Chicago, a free beverage at Caribou Coffee, a free gift and bonus points at Aveda, and a free entrée at Noodles & Co.) so the joy abounds.

It’s especially nice this year as I’ve been trying to save money for my trip to San Francisco. I leave on Saturday! I’ve been ready since July. I’m so excited to get out there and wander aimlessly for a few days. I plan to post my photos and update with my daily happenings while I’m out there. You can also follow my Tweets (which are also located in the sidebar to the left). Stayed tuned!

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