@ Wall Drug

had to go digging for this photo for a project i’m doing at work. road trip stuff. wall drug is the most road trippiest place one could go, and here i am, riding a jackalope with my brother. totally awesome.

@ Wall Drug

since i was doing a little bit of frantic photo-digging this morning, i decided to scan in a few others, as well. this is all making me want to finally put together my diary of travel and adventures. i imagine i need to create a sort of index first, with dates and locations, then dig up all of the extraneous, fun details from there.

i love a good adventure, people.

@ South Dakota Badlands

my grandma p.i. and me in the badlands of south dakota. so pretty there and i have been craving a trip back there recently.

i remember my grandpa telling me about how, when he was a boy, they went spelunking in the area and very nearly fell down a cavern. was that for real or was he pulling a fast one? who knows.

@ somewhere in Oklahoma

me with grandma “d” in oklahoma somewhere. she bought me fiona apple’s “tidal” cd on this road trip, which is really when i fell in love with her music. based on suggestion from kelsey. i wore my hair in braided pigtails pretty much constantly. i was so damn cool.

@ somewhere in Oklahoma

also seems i was a bit emo. (still am) i hadn’t quite gotten over nine inch nails yet. do you like my jacket? i wore that everywhere, too.

@ somewhere in Oklahoma

i went to southern oklahoma with my parents and grandparents when my brother was graduating from basic training. we went to texas for a day trip and ate bbq and stopped at a mall. i bought two left sandals at a dig-through-the-bin-of-shoes sale. i did not realize this ’til we were back in our oklahoma hotel that evening. true story. sad story.

also, i remember grandma p.i. kept picking wildflowers and i had just learned that this was Not Allowed. i think.

@ Black Hills

also happened across this photo, which is part road trip/part hiking trip. jen took this photo. we took this class through umn for may term to go hiking in the black hills of south dakota. in this photo, the dudes who were actually in shape had gone off to eat or something and i really, really wanted to lay down. i would do this sort of trip again, but i might take less junk in my pack and i might allow for more time. why was everyone in such a hurry? i just wanted to have fun, really.

it was neat to climb to the top of harney peak, though — the long way up. i will be forever grateful to the one awesome wrestler dude who carried my pack part of the way and cheered me on up to the tower.

what a terrible idea. i was so out of shape. okay, i still am.

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