Jazz and French Pastries

Going out tonight!

a couple saturdays ago, jason and i went out for a fancy date night. i wore my pearl necklace and a skirt, that’s just how fancy it was.

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we went to see his friend, steve clarke, play jazz at a french pastry shop in eagan — pardon my french. i don’t usually get down to that area very often, but it was worth the trip. at one point, both jason and i had our dslr cameras out and we were taking photos of our food. a waiter paused at our table, “oh, is this your first time eating french food?” “no, we’re just nerds,” i replied. he explained how excited he was about the food as it was his first day of work in the restaurant.


we ate cheese, and for my dinner i ordered a couple quiches and a french onion soup. i thought it was all pretty delicious! i also thought that i need to learn how to whip up a quiche.

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i’m sort of interested in that whole “domestic goddess” thing. i want to try it.

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steve was really excellent. he played slow, romantic songs and fast, funny songs. (one was about a bag of potato chips…)


when jason introduced us, steve was quite the gentleman and kissed my hand. is anything better than french pastries and dapper men?


and then the passion cake arrived. oh, did it ever. YUM.


my handsome, artsy boyfriend ordered creme brulee, which was also YUM.

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it was a really splendid night. my man sure knows how to plan a good date!

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