Finished Object(s): Washcloth Sextet


Pattern: by Megan Goodacre, available on Ravelry.
Made For: Kelly and Ryan’s twins, due at the end of February.
Needle: US 7/4.5mm
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in blossom, almond, and plum
Completed: January 23, 2011


There are four different stitch patterns in this set, but I only made three: the garter stitch washcloth, the garter stitch stripe washcloth, and the seed stitch washcloth. I also increased the number of stitches I cast on from 24 to 36 and blocked each washcloth to 8″x8″. I knit two at a time on one of the DPNs I had just used for the OpArt Blanket. These were a quick project and I’m super proud that I didn’t mess anything up along the way! No dropped stitches, no ripping back… I feel like I’m becoming a real knitter with all of my projects lately.


Side story: Kelly is a coworker of mine, and her baby shower at work was last Tuesday, the 18th. I knit frantically the entire weekend beforehand (even working on the garter stitch washcloths during the Golden Globes, which I watched with friends — knitting a certain number of rows earned me another cracker with cheese, yum). I was barely a third of the way through the seed stitch washcloths by the end of that Monday. I thought about bringing a few finished washcloths the next day, but ultimately decided to just bring a “teaser” gift and make sure I really finished the washcloths (blocking and all). The next morning, before heading in to work, I stopped at Walgreen’s and picked up bubble bath and what I thought was a bath toy.


Turned out, the “bath toys” were teething rings, so I felt lame when she opened my seemingly weird gift. I really wanted to tell everyone, “no, no! There’s something much cooler that I wanted to bring but couldn’t finish in time!” But I just sat back and rolled my eyes at myself. Note to self: do not buy gifts before the morning caffeine kicks in.


View more details on Ravelry.


Of course, Ellipses was helping me take all of these photos last night. (I’m planning to knit some mouse toys for him next. He’s been dying to get the yarn in his mouth…)

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