Long time no write!

I swear I’ve thought about you, the possibly three people who visit my little corner of the internet. I have so much to share! I’ve just had trouble making this space a priority for a while.

Amy Dalrymple aka pork-CHOP

I mean, where to even start? Since my last post in January, I’ve had a luxurious vacation in Mexico (and recently booked airfare to visit the exact same place in Mexico in November #lovedit), I got a new day job with JT Mega (the photo above is from my website-official photoshoot), I’ve completed at least 10 knit projects that I won’t let myself considered “finished” until I share the details of each one right here with you, I hopped into a group of 10 and went glamping way up north near Ely, Minnesota, I’ve led another conference session (by myself! in front of a room full of 30–40 people!) about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I’ve officially made and finished a quilt for my niece Hannie’s birthday, and I’m sure I’ve done a few other things… You get the idea.

I’ve been quietly working on fixing this place up a bit, too. I wanted to exercise my WordPress developer skillz and build myself a simple new theme. The real magic happened when I created my update listing of places I’ve traveled and started in on my index of finished knit/crochet project posts (which I hope to add to the site soon… someday).

I also changed the website address a little bit. Previously, all of these posts lived at pork-chop.org/blog but I thought that was silly. I wasn’t using the main site of this website for anything useful and I think whatever I did have there (a feed of all of my online activity, whether it was from Twitter, Instagram, my Facebook page, new photos on Flickr, etc.) was either super broken or no longer working because I didn’t pay for it. I don’t remember. Anyway, WordPress is usually smart enough to get you to the right spot regardless of the basic URL change, but if you have trouble finding something*, feel free to send me a note!

Aaaand that’s it for now, I think. Fingers crossed that I’ll have more for you again soon!

* I’ve tested all the pins on Pinterest that link to this little site and they all seemed to work just fine!

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