Finished Object: One Big Granny Square Blanket


Pattern: One Big Granny Square Throw & Afghan by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas
Made For: “Frank” Roddy
Hook: 5.0mm (H)
Yarn: Rowan Handknit Cotton
Completed: October 1, 2016

When Kristi told me she was pregnant with her second baby, I took the opportunity to try something new-to-me: crochet. I had crocheted a mermaid tail blanket for my niece, Hannie, but I wanted to try another, more “complicated” pattern. This one from Churchmouse had just enough increases and special shaping that it felt like I was still building this new skill (which I am).

I also liked that it was a similar idea to what I knit for Kristi’s first, Amelia. It was a blanket that consisted of many smaller granny squares (knit, not crochet) and also contained a rainbow of colors.

What other colors should I add? #crochetersofinstagram #rowanhandknitcotton #grannysquare #Churchmouse #ravelry #NUmpls

I did start with leftover yarn that I had from another baby blanket, but as I crocheted I kept buying more colors so I could make it a better size for snuggling up in.

This was actually a pretty easy pattern to work with, and I seriously debated just going and going and going and going… and keeping the blanket for myself. In the end, though, this blanket was perfect for the little dude.


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