I should not have gone to karaoke last night, but…

My time living so close to Legend’s is running out. I might make it next week and the week after (though Brenda will be gone, so maybe I won’t) but who knows when I’ll have the energy to bus from downtown just to sing karaoke at Legend’s on a Wednesday night! There is a bus that would pick up a block from my new apartment and drop off a block from Legend’s… but that seems like a lot of work… for karaoke? I’m not sure. I’m feeling conflicted (because although I like pretending I’m a rockstar, I sure can be lazy).

I started feeling sick last night after dinner. My head was throbbing and my shoulders were tense… I tried stretching and moving but nothing helped. I was determined to head to karaoke, though, as Barry had already asked me if I was going and I had made him study “Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter just so he could sing it with me. I also wasn’t sure if Jen or Jason would make it, so I thought I’d better be there just in case.

When I arrived it was noisy and dark. Darker than usual. I ordered tea in the hope that maybe it’d have some muscle-relaxant effects. It didn’t, and the mug tasted like stale coffee anyway (yuck, yuck, yuck). I drank one mug of Blue Moon (it comes with an orange slice = Vitamin C = health-helper?) then drank about 4 tall glasses of water the rest of the night. I didn’t feel great this morning, either, but continually calling in sick after karaoke nights might look bad. So I got myself out of bed and got myself out of the house and got myself to work. I’m feeling better than I did, but I could still complain if you want me to.

Anyway! So there were very many people at the Legend’s last night. Over half the crowd was celebrating a dude’s 21st birthday. They were relatively okay and tolerable (until they got so used to the people in their posse being the only singers that they actually booed when it was my turn to sing [for the third time, all night, at about 1:15am] but someone that was being friendly with that group stuck his hand in the air and said “Amy has props!” and it seemed to me that it is good to have props and I caught him waving his hands along to my song so Thank You to that guy), but there were some other crazies that had great potential to wreck the evening. Some hyperactive youth bothered Brenda while she was trying to sing her song, started dancing next to her on the stage and ran into the karaoke machine, interrupting Brenda’s song and clearly pissing her off. Some other dude decided to stand on stage while others performed — he even picked up a microphone during someone’s song and sang back-up. There was some serious karaoke etiquette-breaking. I was so grumpy and tired that eventually I leaned over to Barry and said, “Who are these people?? I hate these people!” Towards the end, some very large dude decided to start screaming at me and my company (Barry, RPM and RPM’s friend, Andy) and I just so didn’t have the energy.

Barry gave me a ride home and I think I had fallen asleep before my head even hit my pillow.

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