This morning I was running around the house, packing an “overnight bag” because I’m sleeping on Karyn and Bryan’s couch tonight.

So I forgot my lunch. I thought about it, but forgot about it by the time I was leaving the house. I decided that since it’s fantastic outside that I would get a sammich from Erbert’s & Gerbert’s and have a picnic with Mary. Jen took a break from cleaning her apartment (which is located a whole 5 blocks from my work) to picnic with us. We sat in the grass in the Bell Museum/Nolte Hall courtyard. Also scored some fresh catnip for the kitties, Zoinks, Zowie and Jinkies. They will love me (except Zowie, who is an angry ‘nipper).

But, yes. So I’m sleeping on K & B’s couch because they are headed to D.C. at a ridiculously early hour tomorrow morning. It is already their first anniversary (and I still don’t have any photos from the wedding)! I will be petting the cats, watching their cable TV, and driving Karyn’s new Subaru Forester in their absence. Until Wednesday! I will be the luckiest girl for a few days.

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