I hope Ellipses cuddles with me tonight.


Last night when I got home, I remembered that I was “teaching” a section for Game Design class (this morning) and I hadn’t prepared any hand-out. So I fired up the computer and made a nice little diagram of terms in my section. I even plugged in my printer (which I do so rarely) to make sure all was well. I thought that today I would stop by work to make copies for my classmates, and then I’d continue on my merry little way to the St. Paul campus.

Unfortunately, snow confuses everyone. So although I left my apartment really early, I had to wait a half hour for my bus to arrive. I got to work about 5 minutes before I was supposed to be at class and ran to the copier—but it jammed twice. I got fewer copies than I planned, but I had to go. I ran across campus to catch the connector bus. Luckily the driver pulled over for me, the girl who was waving frantically and trying to run through piles of snow and carrying a fully loaded book bag and couldn’t make it to the bus stop in time. But then he drove really slow (which is okay, of course, but I was so sick at the thought of being hugely late on my day to start class).

I finally reached St. Paul Campus about 15 minutes after class was set to start and ran into McNeal… only to discover that Sue Chu was stuck in traffic and would be another 15 minutes late, anyway.

Thank goodness. So I decompressed and reviewed my visual aid.

I am getting tired of crazy Tuesdays, though. Between running across campus to catch different buses, and walking across campus for visits to the periodontist, I am completely exhausted. I have to go across campus once again this afternoon for my other class… Why did I have to find a graduate program to love in St. Paul?

Anyway, Dr. Molletti says my graft is healing nicely. Next week she’ll take out my stitches!

I miss hibernation.

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