Coming Out of Hiding

Do I really have to go back to the real world tomorrow? It’s so cold out there…

Anyway. I took some photos of my mouth, and this one is cool (don’t click if you don’t want to see my molars/fillings/tongue/etc.). It’s still uncomfortable to move my lips too much and I feel like I have a toothache (next to the tissue source on the roof of my mouth), but otherwise I’m fine. I don’t think I’m ready to eat pizza yet, and that’s kind of a bummer.

I took some photos (for promos and flyers) of Plastic Chord last night, too. We got some nice shots, but I think we need more time when I’m not sore/thirsty/unaccustomed to actual people. I haven’t posted them yet, but I should do that. They are a crazy bunch of kids. And so photogenic!

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