Hello, it’s been forever.

Mom and Me

I have been a busy bee at work this week.

Last weekend was fun, but all of my photos were taken on my phone and now they’re on Flickr and you’ll have to see them there. I thought about sneaking a photo or two at Body Worlds but I didn’t think I’d want that sort of thing hanging around (it was interesting, but I wanted to throw up just a little bit the whole time). The Saints were fun: they won. I was on beer duty. Choosing a place to eat in St. Paul is hard because St. Paul is over there and I don’t go over there anymore. (I would go for the Bung Bo at Raum Mit Thai, but that can’t be my only reason. And they’re closed on Sundays.)

On Tuesday I saw Johnny Charon and Sasha play at the Fine Line—Kristi invited me. It was fun. Sasha is awesome.

Last night was a Polk Street reunion as Kristi, Jen and I all made it to Legend’s for karaoke (probably Jen’s last time before she moves to Washington). And we stayed until it was almost closing time. So today I am a little sad about not getting enough sleep. I did get an Ultimate Chalupa around 2:30am, though, and that was awesome. I loves me some Chalupa!

I tried the Pomegranate Frappacino at Starbucks. The sweetness is shocking at first, but otherwise it is a winner. Thumbs up!

Tomorrow night I will be bouncing off the walls with excitement as I am going to see Damien Rice and FIONA APPLE perform at Northrup Auditorium. I’m told cameras won’t be allowed, but I’m in the balcony and my photos would not be good anyway. All week my iPod is on Fiona-shuffle. It is a good thing. It is 10 years of adoration for Ms. Apple.

Not much else to report. I am excited to eat lunch soon! I wish I had another Chalupa. They cure what ails you.

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