Fiona Apple Ice Cream

Mary and I just took a trip to Dairy Queen in Stadium Village. It is positively disgusting outside and now I am positively disgusting, too. I am not leaving my house this weekend. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

We passed the Radisson Hotel on our way and there are two tour buses parked there (one on the side of the building and one in front)… So I wonder where Fiona Apple and Damien Rice are staying while they’re in Minneapolis? I am hoping to catch a glimpse of Fiona while I’m waiting for the show to start tonight. I’m going to get a sandwich from Erbert’s & Gerbert’s and park myself on a shaded bench behind Northrup.

I am having daydreams of what it would be like to be Fiona’s best friend. It will be an exceptionally awesome night, I am sure!

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