Day 30 – Your aspirations

i want to capture and create beauty in the world.


i used to think i would someday move out of the city, into a small small small town in iowa, and i would make everyone’s website better. prettier. more accessible. i’d be in demand because i’d be fair and reasonable and creative. my teeny town would have the best corner of the web ever.

sometimes i still think about moving to an itty-bitty town, but i love the city, too. and now that i’ve found a dude to love, who i’m pretty sure would not move to the country with me, i’ll have to formulate a new plan.

maybe i’ll be a traveling web girl. taking photos, coding css, building html. documenting, revising, beautifying. perfecting! i can be quite the perfectionist.

Healthy glass of wine at Aura

also, i really would like to write more. i would like to live a bigger adventure. i’d like to finish knitting this blanket i’ve been working on.

and i would like to just be happy! (i am right now, but there is more i can do.)

@ home

p.s. i’m working on uploading thanksgiving #2 photos right now, so soon i’ll have more of those for you to see. that means i’ll have to post again! gasp!


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