Day 27 – Your favorite place

i really just love being at home.

@ parents' house

my parents’ house will always be home, of course.

@ home

living on polk street (the first time) meant i had to start shoveling snow.

@ home

i lived alone for the first time when i moved downtown. it was awesome, but a little lonely, so that’s when ellipses came to stay with me. i loved that apartment ’til the management changed.

when i moved out, i forgot a whole cupboard full of groceries. oops!

@ home

living in uptown (the second time) was kind of alright, but i felt crowded. and my studio apartment felt that much smaller when i added ampersand into the mix. i did once get a visit from an owl, though, that was awesome.
@ home

and now i live on polk street (again) and it’s really pretty great! big kitchen, nice living room, good neighbors, and my very own room of requirement.

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