Day 26 – Your fears

kristi and i saw the grudge in the theater when we used to live together. we both came home freaked out, but went to bed anyway. we lived in a split-level apartment, her bedroom was downstairs and mine was upstairs. i had to close my closet door (i usually always kept it open) and i spent the whole night having the creeps, thinking i should just get out of bed and go sleep in her room tonight. but, of course, i didn’t want to open my eyes or get out of bed… even though the grudge was in the bed during that one scene!

that was horrible. i don’t think i opened my closet again for another week after that.

recently i watched the first paranormal activity. i’m a little less afraid now than i was during the whole week after watching that movie, but… i don’t think i’ll be seeing the second one any time soon.

the older i get, the worse my tolerance for scary movies gets, but i’m afraid that someday i won’t be able to watch them at all.

because it’s sorta fun being irrationally freaked out. right?

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