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On Thursday I completed my “crash printing” assignment. I designed two prints using plates from the Bell Museum of Natural History‘s archives (from Francie Lee Jacques and Walter Breckenridge) and experimented with typesetting. I was so into it (and my hands were so covered in ink, anyway) that I forgot to take photos during the inking (pulling out the ink and applying it to my plates with a brayer) and pressing process. The photos below are my layouts and results.

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0501080941.jpg @ mcneal @ mcneal

@ mcneal



Your nature-outdoorsy theme is very similar to mine! In fact, I wanted to use some of the images you used of the birch trees and the canoe. Your prints turned out great, and I love the colored paper. Any plans for what you will do with the prints?

Angela Tank

Looking back on your first draft of your plate design, I’m so pleased with how your second version turned out! Great integration of text and image and use of color . . . very well done!

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