Summer in the City

Sunset over Lake Calhoun

Faced with no plans tonight, I decided to get out of my house and ended up walking all the way around Lake Calhoun. It was lovely, but now my feet hate me. I’ll have to get out to the lake more often to convince my feet that this is a good activity.

In other news, my last day (in office) at the Bell Museum of Natural History is May 16th. I have accepted a position with Pearson VUE (also where my sister, Karyn, currently works). I am joining their marketing department, focusing on web materials and e-newsletters. I will be designing full-time and I couldn’t be more excited! My first day is May 21st.

I joined the Bell Museum in September 2001 as a student receptionist, became the accounting assistant in February 2004 (and started full-time in June 2004), and last fall I began doing a bunch of the print materials (bi-monthly calendars and other fliers). My time at the museum has been full of interesting and awesome experiences. I learned something new every day. I will deeply miss all of my coworkers, including the millipedes and cockroaches.

…but the future is wide open and bright. I’m embracing this new opportunity with determination and confidence!

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