Christmas cookies!

Christmas Cookies

So… sorry for the previous gross entry but I was pretty excited about it all. I still am, but it’s less “news-flashy” now and therefore I am willing to discuss other matters.

Things I have done since then…

On Wednesday I finished my undergraduate assignments. Printed all of my photos and uploaded my website. Tomorrow and Wednesday I have final critiques and then that’s it! I will officially be a graduate student (received notification that I am registered for two grad-level courses next semester).

On Thursday there were several happy hours in a row… The first was the new monthly Bell Museum happy hour. Then I joined some of the museum’s grad students for Big Buck Hunter and more beer. Then I joined Mary, Jon and Johanna for karaoke and even more beer. I had a lot of fun and I certainly felt fabulous. Until Friday morning when I accidently (sub-consciously?) pressed “off” instead of “snooze” and was an hour and a half late for work. Thank goodness my boss is so forgiving.

I spent the weekend being productive-ish at home. Sunday was the most productive because people actually came to visit me and I made about a million Christmas cookies. I almost made myself sick eating them… but I’m ready to go home now and eat a couple more.

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