Coming Soon: Dental Surgery

Today I went to visit Dr. Molleti, a periodontist at Boynton Dental Clinic—she is so nice and so smart—because sometime soon after the holiday season ends, I will be having some fun dental work done. The first appointment will be to detach the little flap that holds my lips to my bottom front teeth. A few weeks after that, she will be moving some skin from the roof of my mouth to cover some recessed gums on one of my front lower teeth. She told me my face will bruise, I’ll have to eat a soft/liquid diet, and I won’t be able to brush my teeth for another few weeks because I’ll have stitches.

This all sounds very gross and exciting—I’ve never had surgery, with the exception of having two wisdom teeth removed.

Also I plan to avoid social obligations due to having bad breath. I hope my future cat understands that he or she will be sick of me pretty quickly. (23 days ’til adoption!)

In other news, I finished my final website for my class. I don’t think I’ll have any problems finishing my final photo project in the next two class sessions. Now I really really really need to work on my portfolio for my graduate school application. Ok, go!

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